Friday, February 3, 2012

Sunny Side Up

This is the big canvas I mentioned I'd been working on. I love the perspective and the poses of the people in the restaurant. I tried to be very cognizant of values as I selected colors so that I'd maintain a strong composition. My husband is always saying that my paintings are too dark, and I deliberately worked toward more lights in this one. The darks are still pretty dark though; I like the contrast.


  1. You're right-the perspective is great. Love the pattern of shapes and contrast.

  2. first of all, BRAVO for the big canvas!
    I like the shapes of the light areas and I don't think it's too dark at all. It's a beautiful piece.

  3. Great piece! I think you have the right balance of darks and lights, color is great and the subject is terrific. Wish I could see it in person. Congratulations.

  4. Wow! What great light! It's wonderful the way the light streams through the windows, but doesn't come all the way into the room. The perspective is really eye catching, too. Really great job, Layne!

  5. Layne, the light in this one is SOOO good. I love your titles, too. They truly bring you 'into' the paintings !

  6. WOW very nice I bet it has a strong impact with that size.

    1. Wonderful, inviting painting. Darks aren't too dark in my opinion - great graphic nature.