Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tempting Fate

                                  5x7 Bid on this painting
The DPW Challenge this week invites us to paint something inspired by superstition. I painted 2 pieces- this one from the photo provided and another of my own creation. Tomorrow I will post the other one. This one is about the folly of opening one's umbrella indoors. The cat came out looking somewhat like a raccoon, which , in my mind, is even more unsettling than the open umbrella. The little buggers are cute, but they're mean!


  1. Great job, Layne! Love the reds in this. Wonderful glow under the umbrella. Isn't it funny how the cat would come sit under it?

  2. Beautiful colors and I love the cat. I predict this painting will be very popular.

  3. great painting, Layne. love the color. I can't leave comments with my name on them, for some unknown reason... ---sandy haynes