Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Simply an Orange Bowl

                                          6x6 $90

This started out as a much more complex painting. I liked the bowl, but not the setting- so I wiped out the background and painted it grey. Voile! I'm really happy with the simplicity of this painting. Now that I'm back in my studio, I've made a few changes to my recent daily paintings. I will post the more dramatic changes as "new"; the others I will quietly post in place of the existing images.


  1. Great...Looking forward to Layne Cook 2011

  2. Simple & Stunning

  3. Beautiful Layne! It reminds me of the quote "To lose the simplicity is to lose the drama" (Wyeth?)

  4. Cela sent simplement bon l'été... pourquoi ? Je ne sais pas ... peut-être cette belle couleur orangée qui rappelle les abricots...
    Très belle touche.
    Bonne année et gros bisous.