Thursday, December 30, 2010

Simply an Orange Bowl (and the value of critique)

                                          6x6 $90
This is a revision of yesterdays painting- improved (I think) by the suggestions made by one of my fellow painters. She diplomatically sent her critique to my e-mail, rather than posting it in comments, but I wouldn't have minded if she had made it public. I think we can all learn from the observations of others who view or work. Thus I'm sharing it with all of you. In her case, she thought that the shadow was not believable; it was too uniform in value where it should have been darker at the base of the bowl. Also, it seemed to be too high in the back. She was right. I had to stand on my tiptoes to get the shape of the bowl the way I wanted it (showing none of the interior) and I was not so diligent about doing that when I painted the shadow. Thus, it was seen from a different perspective than was the bowl. I was careful this time to observe it more closely, and it was darker at the base of the bowl and well as to the left in a distinct (if subtle) line. I believe it now looks more believable- do you believe?


  1. Love your orange bowl! I like the touches of blue. The shadow does look more realistic and nice of someone to point it out. However, I personally like both interpretations. The angles in the first shadow provide a contrast to the roundness of the bowl. Just me! :-)

  2. Hi Layne, I am not sure I am qualified enough to comment except to say I also like them both. I can see the difference in the shadow on the second one and it is more realistic. Perhaps the first shadow had some Carol Marine angles peeking through? Love her angledness. Lovely work and I also think nice of someone to take the time to comment and help. I need all the help I can get.

  3. I too like both of your bowls Layne, especially the orange tones and gloss of the ceramic.