Saturday, January 22, 2011

Walking in Tandem

                                   36x48 plus floater frame $3200
Well, today is my 60th birthday, and I haven't had time to paint in the last few days, so I'm posting one from my Asian series that I painted in 2009-2010 after returning from a fabulous trip to Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Most of these paintings are now hanging at Thoa's Restaurant in downtown Seattle. I thoroughly enjoyed painting this series from my photos and memories. In a way, it extended and cemented the whole experience. I look at this "older" work now and wonder how I would paint differently today, having learned so much in my daily paintings. I still like the painting, but I think I would use larger brushes and paint more loosely today. One of these days I'm going to try "duplicating" one of my older paintings to see what I think of the changes.

Regarding my birthday, I'm thrilled to be healthy, happy and able to travel, paint, and otherwise enjoy life. I have enjoyed every stage of my life, but I think this may be the best yet.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! The best is yet to come! Really like this painting. Can see the differences from your present style. I definitely think you should paint one of your photos in your present day style.
    Hope your day is great!

  2. Well Happy 60th Layne!! My brother had his 60th yesterday. We all still feel SO young though, right! Nice to see one of your big works. Loved the Gray and Green one. Nice reflections. May this be an awesome year for you.

  3. I am sitting in front of your virtual cake with a glass of wine (not virtual!) and singing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" to you!! Here's to a wonderful year!!!

    I love this painting and as Carol said you should paint one of the photos in your current style. It would be awesome!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Layne! You are a fabulous painter!

  5. Happy birthday Layne! Like Carol, I would love to see a painting like this in your current style too.

  6. Dear Layne, wishing you continued productivity and happiness in your new year which coincides today with the Chinese lunar new year. Something auspiciously good in that. You can review your past year as having been a great success in your creative ventures.

    This painting is so serene. In spite of their heavy loads, these two seem so harmoniously "in balance" with their work. Love the left weighted composition.

  7. Layne, I just found out that yesterday was not the date of the lunar year year which this year is February 3rd. It so happened I went to an early new year's bash yesterday and just assumed... However, your birthday is close enough!

  8. Happy 60th to you Layne. I think of this last three decades of life, from 60 onwards, as the Third Act of one's Life. And painting is a great way to spend it.