Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Snuggle" and "Gesture"

These are my two entries for this week's "Different Ways" Challenge. I started with the top composition (which still is my favorite) and then rearranged the objects and painted them from a different perspective. Perhaps I should have experimented with a different color ground as well. Maybe I still will....



  1. So nice catching up with your blog Layne. I have missed so many nice paintings. Think "day dreamer" might be a favorite. Love your colors and signature brushwork.
    I agree with you on this last exercise....favor the first rendition. Great color and composition.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Carol. I'm rather fond of Daydreamer too. She's in Carmel waiting for somebody to fall in love enough to buy her. I'm hoping! I have fallen off the daily painting, habit. Not enough time to paint both big and small. I enjoy these challenges though. Wishing you a good summer!

  2. I like both of these (first my fav I think tho). And love your use of yellow in both - so warm & sunny!