Sunday, April 7, 2013

Table for Two at Eight


I just completed the third of 3 paintings that I will be sending to Edward Montgomery Fine Art in Carmel. As mentioned before, I have been trying to paint more colorfully and with more interest in the paint itself (a consequence of my recent work with ceramic glazes). My next project is a commission for a painting of the Santa Rita mountains south of Tucson, Arizona. What a switch! It's all about shapes, color and paint interest, right? I can do this!


  1. Really great job, Layne! You are painting large! I love all the details in this painting....for example, the reflection of the window in the large mirror, and all the windows. Such a nice balance of people and graphics. I love it.

  2. Yes of course you can do it!! This restaurant scene is soooo abundantly colorful and looks effortless!!! WONDEFUL!! Edward won't have this one long. :)