Friday, October 12, 2012

Last Painting Until February!

                               "Above and Beyond" 30x48

It's time to put away the paint brushes and start thinking "clay". We leave tomorrow for Arizona, where I spend a lot of time in the fantastic clay studio 5 minutes drive from our house. It's kind of refreshing to switch art forms for a portion of each year. I always feel a tinge of regret at leaving the one and excitement in anticipating the other.

Awhile ago, I painted a restaurant scene from a high perspective- not quite as high as this one. There's something that thrills me about the unusual viewpoint; it's challenging to paint and it takes the scene out of the realm of the ordinary.

I plan to check in to Daily Paintworks and my fellow Bloggers to see what's happening during my hiatus.


  1. What? No paintings until February? Good for you. You will have to post some of your clay pieces. Have fun with that!
    Really cool painting. How the heck did you get this view? Love the light coming in through the doorway.
    Safe and happy travels!

  2. So unique! I love it. Will miss your paintings.

  3. Sounds great, Layne.... guess you'll be throwing some pots... Will miss seeing your work, but I know you'll have a good time creating in a different medium for awhile. Post your creations in clay, we'd all enjoy that...