Saturday, July 14, 2012

Balancing Act

This is the 2nd of the two 30x40 paintings that are going to Carmel. I really love the feel of the outdoor cafe scenes.

I haven't been doing daily paintings for some time. It sees that recently my painting is broken up into spurts of furious, obsessive painting- and then no painting at all. Tomorrow we are leaving for a 4 day camping trip with friends, and then 4 days after we get back buy husband will leave for a week. I smell a furious painting session coming on....

We are in the process of exchanging an apartment building we own for one that has an owners unit atop 4 1 bedroom units (close to downtown Seattle- yeah!). Our plan is to completely remodel the building, starting with the exterior and our unit. One of the bedrooms will become my studio. I am concerned about lighting as I am not happy with the lighting in my current studio. I welcome any suggestions, regarding lighting and anything else. I want the most awesome studio I can get within the limitations of the space!


  1. About lighting, I have two studios with two different lighting solutions. My watercolor studio is 15x15 room with 12 ft. ceiling. I have two flourescent fixtures on the beam each with two lightbulbs that are 5500Kelvin, mid day light. Having them high prevents shadows cast in the room, and the full spectrum bulbs are fantastic for seeing color. This situation works great for watercolor from photo references. My oil studio is tiny. I have two lamp stands each with a warm bulb and a daylight (cool) bulb on them. I can move them around and point them wherever I want to light my still life set up, and light my palette and easel with the same type of light. The only drawback is I get two highlights on shiny objects, one warm and one cool. I just ignore the cool one. Also in that room I have an old tall halogen lamp for ambient light in the room. These two set ups work well for my needs. I can get you the details of where I got them if you like. I hope this helps.