Monday, September 19, 2011

Limited Strokes Challenge

The purpose of this challenge is to prevent you from overworking your painting by limiting the number of strokes you can put down. You identify the shapes and then try to fill the shapes with a color in as few strokes as possible- with lots of juicy paint. You are supposed to estimate the number of strokes you can allow yourself (I estimated 24) and then count each stroke (I did 36!) I used up all my 24 before I painted the background! Then at the very end I cheated a bit by adding a few quick strokes; I just couldn't resist.

I'll be out of town all week at a women's hiking (and eating and drinking) retreat, so I won't be painting. Hope to get back to it on Saturday.


  1. That's a cool exercise. I think I'd use the biggest brush possible-haha! Like your warm colors. Enjoy your trip.

  2. Un grand exercice, dites-moi! mais pas simple à réaliser... Penser à la fois à compter et à peindre! Un véritable apprentissage digne d'un acrobate!
    Cependant belle peinture...
    Gros bisous et félicitations.

  3. Ha! I know exactly what you mean about adding the couple strokes at the end. I think you have really preserved the wonderful brushwork on this. Great job!

  4. Great job! No way I could paint anything in 36 strokes. Love the colors in this!

  5. great exercise. lovely painting, Layne